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The Yarmouth name was chosen due to its significance to the company's founder.

During the mid 1990s Andrew McNeil was transferred by Lend Lease Corporation to its US subsidiary The Yarmouth Group Inc.

Between 1996 and 2000, Andrew learned about US and international real estate investment, property management, asset management, asset redevelopment and institutional capital raising from seasoned real estate investment professionals – he was also exposed to the highest levels of corporate culture, professionalism and performance.

Andrew recalls, "this US experience combined with being exposed to the leaders of Lend Lease Corporation at an early career phase helped me to realise the way I would like to do business in the future".

During 1998 Yarmouth Group Inc. was merged with Equitable Real Estate to later become Lend Lease Real Estate Investments, so the Yarmouth name and its link to institutional real estate investments gradually diminished.

Ten years later when Andrew was looking for a name for his new venture, he thought that Yarmouth would be a great choice to recognise that his time at The Yarmouth Group Inc helped shape how he wanted to conduct his new business venture.

The Yarmouth Group name today honours the heritage of The Yarmouth Group Inc and recognises what he learned from the executives of the original Yarmouth Group, Equitable Real Estate and Lend Lease Corporation.